Colombia La Falda 12 oz

Process: Natural
Altitude: 1750 meters
Varietal: Caturra
Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Dark Chocolate, Honey
Settled along the highlands of Neiva, in the northwestern area of Huila, is a small community called Aipecito - this is where you can find Finca La Falda tucked away. Jose Huil was born and raised on a coffee farm that his parents owned. Jose learned much of his coffee knowledge during his upbringing on the coffee farm, and in 1988 he decided to start a new venture and began working on his own. For him, producing coffee was a great option as he was very experienced growing it. As the years passed, he increased his knowledge and produced better and better coffee. 
In 2018, Jose Huil Martinez decided to deliver a lot of coffee to Caravela’s purchasing facility in Gigante, Huila, looking for better prices and a recognition for his incredibly hard work and dedication to growing specialty coffee. When he looks back to when he used to produce conventional coffee, he can see all the important changes made at the farm over the years and and all the improvements to all his processes that were incorporated to benefit the farm, coffee and environment. Although he can see that it is more expensive to maintain his farm now, he knows it is all completely worth it as he receives much better prices and recognition than he did before. 
The extra income has assisted Jose Huil to improve many processed and equipmnt on his farm. Besides producing amazing coffee, one of Jose’s priorities at Finca La Falda is taking care of the environment and implementing practices that are eco-friendly and sustainable. In the short-term, Jose plans to become a role model for the farmers in the region and to become a pioneer in specialty coffee of the region where he is located. 
We are very excited and proud to be working with such a dedicated coffee farmer whose values align with our own here at Propeller. 
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