It’s more than coffee, it’s a philosophy

1. Quality

Propeller only buys from the most experienced and knowledgeable farmers because they produce the highest quality specialty beans. These coffees taste incredible, are tough to find but are worth the extra effort. We then dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy to making sure every batch of coffee we roast meets or exceeds the standards we're looking for. To do this we cup and analyse every batch! 

2. Sustainability

At every step in the process we try to make our coffee the most sustainable it can possibly be. From our direct trade relationships - to roasting our beans in what we believe is Canada’s most energy efficient and lowest footprint roastery - packaging these coffees in biodegradable bags - and finally offsetting our transportation with Bullfrog’s bio-diesel program.

3. Community 

We care deeply about the people we work with, the industry we work in and the communities we live in. We believe in putting social and environmental impact right alongside company profits, and using business as a force for good in this country.

Well thought, well grown, well roasted