1. Pick your favourite Propeller coffee, or if you're feeling adventurous let our Roaster pick it for you (a different coffee every delivery)
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Ace Espresso 12 oz
This seasonal blend of premium coffees offers incredible acidity, sweetness and body. It is excellent in milk drinks and as a straight up espresso.
Outbound Espresso 12 oz
This medium roast espresso is the perfect balance of chocolatey rich body and sweetness with a gentle acidity. It is mellow and round with flavours of cocoa, caramel and plum.
Turbo Espresso 12 oz
This espresso is more traditional, with muted acidity, a heavier body, and a dark chocolate finish.


Skyhawk Dark Roast 12 oz
Skyhawk is the updated name for Propeller Dark - it is everything that Propeller Dark is & was, just renamed and with a fresh description due to popular demand. With all the rich flavour, texture and intensity of a classic dark roast, this seasonally rotating offering is a consistent and dependable everyday cup.
Foundry 12 oz
Foundry 12 oz
A seasonally rotating breakfast blend that is balanced, sweet and flavourful. Lighter roasted than our dark roasted Skyhawk, and more on par with our single origin roast levels to bring out the flavour and sweetness of the coffees.
Swiss Water Decaf Coffee 12 oz
The Swiss Water processing plant is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - where roasters and importers from around the globe send their coffee to be decaffeinated. First, they start with small batches of specialty coffee and green coffee extract. Then adding local water they monitor the time and temperature while the caffeine migrates from the coffee beans, monitoring the variables for 10 hours ensuring the flavour and character remain untouched. The final result is a caffeine-free coffee with the original character for a full and flavourful cup.
Roaster's Choice
Roaster's Choice 12 oz
Have our Roaster pick from one of our line of seasonal single origins.